From the Executive Director's Desk

Dear Readers, Welcome to our first monthly FLATE Focus.

As we continue to gear up with our renewal cycle (3 years) we seem to have more timely information to share. Our shorter, but more frequent and interactive newsletter should help us keep in closer contact with our stakeholders, partners, and friends, and enable each of you to enjoy stories about our early summer partnership activities. Our stakeholders and readers are of great importance to us, and I would like to invite everyone to send in your comments and feedback so we can provide you with interesting articles and useful information. I would also like to encourage everyone to consider nominating a colleague under any category for FLATE's annual awards. Your nominations will help us recognize educators and industry partners who go above and beyond the expected everyday call of duty.

The nomination form is simple and its only one click away, and the submission deadline is in early September. I hope many of my academic friends are resting and relaxing in a virtual or real Margaritaville in preparation for the new academic year about to begin for all us all later this month.
Here are some pictures from some of my adventures out in the sea this summer!


  1. Has FLATER been here too!

  2. hi dear reader, i will check with Dr. Barger and get back with you.

  3. Absolutely! FLATER is a seasoned sailor. If you look closely in the sand under the archway to the beach in the photo above.. you will see FLATER on his way to take an afternoon nap on one of those comfy beach chairs.