A "New" MIF Challenge: Perfecting the art of Measurement and Precision

Think about a car, a camera, a cell phone—designing and manufacturing any one of these products requires high degree of precision. In a world tilted towards automation and high-tech manufacturing, “Measurement and Precision” are key players. Given their central role in the manufacturing process, FLATE has created a “new” challenge for middle and high school students aimed at sharpening the understanding and importance of these critical competencies.

This new challenge is designed to enhance the understanding and application of number systems in problem-solving utilizing mathematical computations. It is an addition to the “Made in Florida” learning challenges designed to give middle and high school students a hands-on view of manufacturing.

The lesson plan places students in a real-world manufacturing facility where they are challenged to understand the importance of precise measurement in the design and manufacturing of a surgical blade for a company located in Central Florida. ConMed Linvatec (Least Invasive Technology) is a global leader in the fields of arthroscopy, multi-specialty endoscopic medical video systems and powered surgical instruments. Headquartered in Largo, FL, ConMed Linvatec is at the forefront of technology for a growing range of minimally invasive and orthopaedic surgery procedures. Besides integrating science, mathematics, and technology, the challenge sharpens the students’ ability to select and apply techniques and proper tools to estimate measurements to appropriate/required levels of precision and accuracy.

The MIF challenges for modern manufacturing are aligned with Florida’s Sunshine State Standards for science, mathematics, reading/language arts and the curriculum framework for technology education. There are currently six learning challenges that highlight different phases in the manufacturing process (Innovate, Design, Fabricate, Test, Market, and Distribute) and are designed to present age-appropriate complexities. These lesson plans also serve as a bridge between students, teachers and manufacturers throughout Florida. Since its implementation in 2006, the Challenges have been presented to over 200 educators across the nation and have served as an “educational best-practices” model at several conferences.

For additional information on the challenges or to help develop a challenge for your facility, visit http://flate.pbworks.com, or contact Jodi Sutton at 813.259.6575/sutton@fl-ate.org.

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