The "New" MIF Challenges Video: A visual resource for educators

FLATE has designed and created a “new” video that captures pertinent information on curriculum and professional development resources for students and educators alike. The video highlights the “Made in Florida Learning Challenges” which are special activities and lesson plans designed to give students a real-world view of Florida’s high-tech manufacturers. Each challenge is complete with lessons plans, student handouts, career and education planning activities that are quick, easy, fun and effective way to get students thinking about career options in modern manufacturing.

Jodi Sutton, curriculum coordinator for FLATE says the video serves as a visual component in understanding the crux behind the MIF challenges. It also serves as an effective tool in providing teachers with activities that require students to use higher level of science, technology, engineering and mathematics skills. “Our goal is to make them fun, hands-on, and something students can relate to” Sutton said.

The MIF Learning Challenges are aligned with Florida’s Sunshine State Standards for Science, Mathematics and the curriculum framework for technology education. They are geared to sharpen students’ ability to work within a team environment, and is an extension of FLATE’s “Made in Florida” outreach campaign targeted to promote high-skill, high-wage technical careers in Florida. Since its implementation in 2006, the MIF challenges have been presented to over 200 teachers and educators across the nation, and have served as an “educational best-practices” model in several conferences.

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