Focus on Florida's Manufacturers & the products that are Made In Florida

Did you know there are more than 14,000 manufacturers in Florida that employ roughly 372,000 individuals across the state? Ninety-one percent of Florida’s exports comprise of manufactured products that generate nearly $35 billion in revenue.

These astounding figures demand close attention not only on the manufacturers, but on the products that are “Made in Florida”. FLATE’s Manufacturers Display case is a depiction of some of the very products that we all love, have simplified our lives, and use on a daily basis. The display located on the 2nd floor of the Student Services building at Hillsborough Community College in Brandon, highlights the predominant role manufacturing plays in Florida’s economy, and the contributions made by manufacturers across the state.

Approximately 18 manufacturers across 9 industry divisions and over 100 manufactured items are on display. There are a wide variety of display items from the medical instrument, electronic, food, drug, paper, plastic, aeronautical, entertainment and heavy machinery industries. Some of the manufacturers are Tropicana in Bradenton, ConMed Linvatec in Largo, Sun Hydraulics in Sarasota, Signature Brands in Ocala, Catrike in Winter Garden and Biomet 3i in Jacksonville. All the items are either the final products, parts used in other manufacturing processes or raw materials. Several pieces are displayed in production stages so students can follow the manufacturing process from a piece of stock titanium to the final polished facial replacement part. These items also serve as educational pieces during ‘Made in Florida’ classroom presentations, and for students in HCC’s engineering technology program.

To donate a product or item for the MIF display case contact David Gula, outreach manager at, or visit

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  1. I would suggest pictures of products with products name below it. Index these items by industry and by name and post on your site as a catalog. This way many more manufacturers will participate, with your school striving for all 14,000. It allows manufacturers of capital equipment and other large manufactured goods to be displayed, as well as government, food, and others. This also makes it available to many more viewers, especially high school students.