sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #21: Valve Selection for Installation in Juice Filling Process

A technician working for Tropicana is replacing a value in a pipe that delivers already squeezed orange juice to an automated container filling station. As the container is filled, the value receives a signal from a weight sensor under the container. As the container fills with juice, its weight changes and the electrical signal also changes. The sensor is used to change how much the value is opened/closed. For this application, the flow rate of the juice into the container must always be directly proportional to the percent the value is open. The technician understands all of this very well and must now select the value to be installed in the pipe to control the flow of juice into the container. The tech examines the valve performance data that the valve maker (U-Betch-em Value Company) provided. There are three possible valves to pick from and the tech picked the correct valve!

Valve-qo-04 is correct value for this application. (yes or no). Submit your answers at