sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #27 ANSWER: Monitoring devices in miniature surgery

The puzzle is a segway to De Vince Surgery and related science. The technology connection is miniature robotic devices of all types.  The actual puzzle answer can be presented as a math integration exercise.  The puzzle allows for simple linear integration formula practice or reinforcement of the area approximation method for determining the area under the test response data. For students with introductory calculus skills the area can be determined as the sum of the 4 linear equations between 0 seconds and 3.5 seconds.  In the area approximation case, area under the curve above the 0.2 horizontal is matched by same amount of area below that horizontal leading to a rectangle with a 0.70 Joule, (0.20 j/s x 3.5 sec),  area.   
1)      Pump DP-3ml meets test criteria.        YES