sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #35 Answer

There are a variety of reinforcement conversations that spring from this puzzle. The gasket leaks under high pressure, is evident from the height of the second pulse pattern response curve.  An important lesson is to make sure students understand that the exponential rise and decay of the response pressure is an expected behavior and not an indication of a gasket leak. These conversations can include, when grade level appropriate, the exponential nature of this portion of the response curve, the time constant concept and the analogous connection that the exponential portion of the data has to the resistor in series with a capacitor circuit response when an applied voltage (the RC series circuit model) with the same step function pattern is applied. The math explanation of this exponential response to students ranges from simple time constant calculation, time constant connection to the 1/e response value, to the 1st order differential equation for the RC series circuit model. Student Google searches on these topics will provide a plethora of extra information.

The actuator should be shipped to the customer. Answer: NO