ET Graduate Advocates Manufacturing Education and Excellence Across Florida

written by Michael, Ennis. Manufacturing Engineer, Harris Corporation

When Kelly Andino, an engineering technician at Harris Corporation's, Government Communication
System’s (GCS) Development Manufacturing department, began working toward her Associate of Science (A.S) degree in Engineering Technology from Eastern Florida State College, she probably didn’t realize where her studies were about to take her. Since starting the A.S program, Kelly has not only traveled to Spain, but has also made her way across Florida speaking about her educational experiences and the importance of manufacturing careers.

In June 2012, while she was pursuing her degree, Kelly was asked to participate in the “Iberian Partnership for Technician Excellence.” Kelly and seven fellow students from Eastern Florida State College, Hillsborough Community College, Polk State College and St. Petersburg College were given the opportunity to travel to Usurbil, located in the Basque region of Spain. The group, which also included Tracy Moehler, another GCS Engineering Technician, spent time training in “Special Topics in Modern Manufacturing.”

“Since completing the training in Spain, Kelly has been asked by the Florida Advanced Technological
Education Center (FLATE), a statewide National Science Foundation Advanced Tchnological Education Center, to speak to groups across the state about the special training program and the benefits and rewards of working in manufacturing in Florida,” said Scott Gibbons, Engineering Manager for Development Manufacturing. “Kelly has truly become the ‘face’ of this important career and the spokeswoman for the importance of manufacturing educational opportunities.”

Kelly’s most recent speaking engagement was at the Forum on Engineering Technology, held in April at Polk State College in Bartow FL. Forty-three industry professionals, engineering technology program directors, and educators participated. Danielly Orozco-Cole, curriculum coordinator for FLATE noted “Kelly’s contribution, as successful Eastern Florida State College alumni, helps FLATE and engineering technology program coordinators evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the program in Florida. Kelly discussed why she chose this program and how the program has impacted her professional growth. Her opinion was an important and well received part of the forum.”

“Kelly is an outstanding example of the high caliber and dedication of GCS technicians and manufacturing employees,” added Scott. “Congratulations to Kelly on her achievements, including her graduation from Eastern Florida State College, and thanks to all of our manufacturing employees for their critical contributions to GCS.”

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