New Made in Florida Video Gives 360 Degree View about Manufacturing in Florida

In a world where digital resources and graphics are taking center-stage, engaging students and getting them interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), or how these concepts are integrated in modern, high-tech manufacturing settings, is challenging and a science in itself. Educating students about manufacturing and identifying it as a lucrative career option requires an innovative and engaging strategy. Teaching, however, is only one piece of the awareness and recruitment puzzle. There is also a greater need for parents and the community at large to be part of the dialogue, that manufacturing provides state-of-the-art, intellectually challenging yet rewarding careers that are high-tech, high-skilled and high-wage. To address these common concerns among manufacturers and to engage, educate and excite students and this larger audience about careers in manufacturing, FLATE has produced a dynamic, 30 minute, Made in Florida” video that discusses the breadth and scope of manufacturing in Florida.

FLATE and the FL TRADE Consortium produced the NEW, Made In Florida video, version 2.0,
to highlight the world of manufacturing right here in Florida. Working with regional manufacturers and partners across Florida, FLATE identified approximately 50 high-tech manufacturing facilities that would be featured in the video.  Samuel DuPont, Ph.D. and Audrey Buttice, Ph.D., from Scientific League LLC worked very closely with FLATE and FL TRADE to write the script, film and compose the Made in Florida 2015 video. These companies “warmly welcomed us into their facilities film take photographs, film their products and everyday operations, and interview their employees” said DuPont. “These hard working Floridians,” noted DuPont, “are the backbone of our local economy and have skills that allow them to produce an outstanding collection of consumer and commercial products that are Made in Florida.” 

The new MIF video is geared to provide a 360 degree vision of manufacturing in Florida. The video explores eight different sectors of manufacturing in six regions (Northeast, Northwest, Central East, Central West, Southeast, Southwest) across Florida, and spotlights the diversity of Florida-based, production industries that manufacture an array of products. The video also serves as an educational tool in highlighting some of the high-tech, high-wage jobs that are challenging, offer a secure future and are financially rewarding as well.  “Having received Ph.Ds in engineering, it was amazing for us to see the variety of cutting edge technologies being used in these robust manufacturing facilities” said Buttice. 

A unique aspect of the 2.0 version of the Video is its focus on manufacturing companies and
industries that are specific to each region. For example, the video showcases how Central East Florida is synonymous with the aerospace industry, or how in the Southeast, companies like Nipro Diagnostics and Hoerbiger Corporation among others are attracting high-tech manufacturing in a region that is largely known as a tourist hub. These segmented sections can be viewed separately, by each region, online as well as on the DVD. The MIF video also taps into some historical data about regional manufacturing-related activities, and how modern manufacturing in Florida differs from the bygone era. “We have been honored to work with FLATE and FL-TRADE to be a part of this journey and hope this video helps uncover the vast employment opportunities in Florida’s manufacturing industry” DuPont said. 

FLATE debut the Video during its annual National Visiting Committee meeting at AeroTurbine Inc., in Miramar, FL, and will be actively using it in various events to disseminate information about high-tech manufacturing in Florida to a state and national audience. A streaming version of the video is currently available for viewing on FLATE’s award-winning, outreach website, FLATE is also working with DuPont and Buttice from the Scientific League to write and develop a career exploration based curriculum that compliments the video, and potentially another video focused on women in manufacturing. The curriculum and the DVD are available upon request. For more information email Dr. Marilyn Barger, executive director of FLATE at