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If you have not visited FLATE’s wiki – you might be missing out on some great, NEW resources
for STEM education and STEM outreach. While originally FLATE’s Wiki was a place for educator lesson plans for manufacturing education, it now hosts most of FLATE’s curriculum, outreach and professional development materials and resources.  Let’s look at what’s new and of interest in 2016!

In 2015, several additions were made to the Modules for Advanced Technological Education section. This section hosts a variety of curriculum modules from various sources that are useful primarily for teaching in postsecondary education environments. Below is the menu noting what is new in 2015.

We added classroom support for the ET technical CORE courses and some of the ET specialization tracts.  We also added resources from a variety of sources including the HiTEC conference sessions, the National STEM Consortium which has a comprehensive portfolio of classroom-ready resources for a solid Mechatronics program. The latest addition to this section is under Machining, where we posted our newly developed NIMS – FLDOE Machining
Technology crosswalk and alignments with recommendations for which NIMS assessments students will be ready to take in each high school, PSAV (post secondary adult vocational) and A.S. Engineering Technology Mechanical Fabrication and Design specialization and certificate programs.  This great resource will help our Florida machining educators integrate this national credential into their growing programs.  Several NIMS credentials have recently been added to the CAPE funding list, but they do not yet have statewide articulation agreements for college credit. These crosswalks and alignments should help this effort as well.

Our STEM Summer Camps section will soon (by February 1, 2016) host FLATE’s, Introductory
Robotics Camps curriculum.  The curriculum is for use with Lego Mindstorms EV3 robots and supports a five-day (8 hour/day) summer camp.  The Camp pack includes a block schedule; worksheets, presentations, web resources, and the main project-based challenges that make up the bulk of the camp experience.  We are excited to have formalized this important resource, which informally is being used in many camps across the state and elsewhere.

Earlier this year, we added a new section and pages with resources to support the new “Made in Florida 2015:  Do you know what is made in Your Backyard?” video and related classroom curriculum.  This section links to the streaming video and hosts the downloadable Teacher’s Guide for the video.  To accommodate a typical classroom, all student worksheets can be downloaded for printing, or projecting. The lessons
are great ways to take a guided tour of Florida manufacturing, and focus on important career pathways, or the amazing technologies of manufacturing and the facts – what actually is “Made in Florida”.  These resources have been distributed to over 500 educators in Florida and over 100 teachers have attended a guided workshop to learn how to use them.

Please visit FLATE’s wiki to explore these new resources. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Executive Director of FLATE, Dr. Marilyn Barger at barger@fl-ate.org, and FLATE Curriculum Coordinator, Danielly Orozco at orozco@fl-ate.org.

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