sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #51: Heater Filament Replacement

A technician that works with electronics and electric equipment is comfortable with information presented as a "Current-Voltage Curve,” an I-V curve. In this situation, the tech has to select ‘the best’ of two options (heating element HE5-1, or heating element HE5-2) as a replacement for a heating filament that has malfunctioned. The I-V curves for both of these replacement filament options are shown below. The technician also understands that a filament is a better heater when that filament has a higher resistance. Finally all technicians working with electricity in any way know that the resistance value is determined by dividing the voltage by the current.

The technician should select heating element HE5-1. Yes or NO. Submit your answers below this blog post, or on

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