sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #53: Process Pressure Disturbance

The puzzle last month required the technician to replace the vacuum pump that controlled the pressure in a manufacturing reactor.  To bring this pump back on line, the tech: turned the pump on and allowed the reaction chamber to reach its steady state low pressure value, introduced a pressure disturbance, and then adjusted the programmable controller driven pump control panel settings to values that automatically try to return the pressure back to its steady state pressure set point value.  The tech tested three different sets of control panel settings with their three corresponding pressure versus time graphs shown below.  From the answer for last month's puzzle, it is clear that option 3 was not the setting the Tech selected so let's move to the next option. The settings that provided response (2).  

The technician selected the setting that provided the graphic response shown as graph (2). YES or NO. Submit your answers below the blog post, or on        

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