Free Resources for Engineering Technology Educators

The ETD (Engineering Technology) LISTSERV is a very active group and a great place for engineering technology educators to share resources, post educator positions, and request help! If you are not familiar and want to know more, check this website, where you will also find information on how to join and post.

Everyone is welcome to use the over 400 free lectures and application exercises that I have developed for electromechanical technology courses. The lectures feature both theory and illustrated example problems for DC circuit analysis, hydraulics, AC circuit analysis, motor control, motor drives, PLCs, and more. Development is ongoing and new material is regularly posted at (These resources are funded in part under NSF ATE Grant # 1600434). 

If you're teaching microcontrollers, you're welcome to use these videos: (Tom Lombardo)


Here are videos on Digital Electronics with VHDL. I’ve been using them for several years for my in-class and on-line courses. My students have found them very helpful and you may find them useful as a supplement in your classes: (Bill Klietz)

Mechatronics Community Exchange (MCE)

Monthly online discussions about all things mechatronics. Visit our website here:

Humans of Manufacturing (SME)

SME has launched Humans of Manufacturing — a new digital channel including e-newsletters, social media and a website, where manufacturing professionals will share their personal stories, while also showcasing how manufacturing today is advanced and highly valued as an industry. “We created Humans of Manufacturing to showcase everyday people who are really making things happen in manufacturing,” said Jeff Krause, chief executive officer, SME.

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