What is the MEP (Manufacturing Extension Partnership) National Network?

 The MEP National Network is a unique public-private partnership that delivers comprehensive, proven solutions to U.S. manufacturers, fueling growth and advancing U.S. manufacturing. The MEP is focused on helping small and medium-sized manufacturers generate business results and thrive in today’s technology-driven economy, the MEP National Network comprises the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NIST MEP), the 51 MEP Centers located in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, and over 1,300 trusted advisors and experts at more than 400 MEP service locations, providing any U.S. manufacturer with access to resources they need to succeed.

Each MEP Center is a partnership between the federal government and a variety of public or private entities, including state, university, and nonprofit organizations. This diverse Network assists manufacturers in communities across the country.

For every $1.00 of federal investment1, the MEP National Network generated $27.20 in new sales growth and $27.30 in new client investment in FY 2017. This translates into $3.5 billion in new sales annually. For every $1,291 of federal investment, MEP helps to create or retain one manufacturing job.  You can download the 2017 MEP infographic with facts about manufacturing and manufacturing’s impact on the American economy.  There are more downloadable infographics about manufacturing at the same link.

Can the MEP National Network help community college manufacturing technician degree programs? With a growing number of skilled technical manufacturing jobs unfilled across the country, the MEP is very interested in partnering with colleges as one strategy to help address the growing skills gap in the manufacturing workforce.  You can also get information like that provided in this article from your state MEP. FLATE is now partnering with the Florida MEP, FloridaMakes to connect our two networks, one of manufacturers and the other of 2-year college technical program educators. We are defining economic impacts of our college graduates for the manufacturing companies where they go to work. We encourage all our post-secondary technical educators to partner with the MEPs in their states.
Visit the MEP website for more information and to find the MEP in your state.

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