Robot Rescue! Student Competition at ASEE Conference June 2019 in Tampa

This competition might be just the thing to get your freshmen and sophomore engineering students excited about engineering and technology design!

The ASEE (American Society of Engineering Education) Model Design Competition is a design/build robotics competition open to all freshmen and sophomore engineering and engineering technology students at both 2-year and 4-year colleges.  The competition is held each year as part of the ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education) Annual Conference (June 2019 in Tampa, FL).  The goal of the competition is to give student teams an opportunity to use the engineering design process to build an autonomous vehicle to complete a specified task or to complete a specified track.   Student teams face many real-life challenges in this competition, such as constraints on cost, size, batteries, and, of course, time.  Student teams not only have to build a vehicle to navigate the specified course or complete a specific task, but also have to give presentations before a panel of judges and provide the judges with written reports.  The written reports include a summary of the team's design efforts, CAD drawings, parts list, and a cost analysis.  The best part about the competition; however, is that it is fun!  Join us in the next competition and see the enthusiasm of the students as their vehicle crosses the finish line!  Select the link below for the rules for the next ASEE Model Design Competition.  Also, check out our list of links for robot parts.   Bring your student teams and join the fun in Tampa this summer!

Contact Paul Gordy at or Geoff Berl at  or Clint Kohl at  for more information.

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