Computer-related Enrollment & Degrees Increase Sharply

By Daodao Wang (From ASEE Connections 1/25/19)

Together, computer science (inside engineering) and electrical engineering awarded 63 percent of degrees in these fields in 2016. Strong outreach by big tech companies and the organization are continuing to work with K-12 teachers and their students to build the workforce at all levels for the future.  Today, there are thousands of unfilled jobs in these areas. The jobs support all business sectors, hospitality, agriculture, information technology, aviation, research, manufacturing, retail, financial, sports, healthcare and many more. Like making things and computers?  There are jobs for you in the industry you love.

In manufacturing sector, the entire business of companies is supported by computers.  More relevant to FLATE, the production floor in most plants today is a myriad of communication channels – some wire, some wireless connecting machines, equipment and operations with parts, inventory, quality control, control systems, packaging, packing and distribution.  The two charts below shows the national five-year trend for enrollment and completers in a number of related programs related to computers, computer science, electrical engineering, information’s technology and information science.

Figure 1. Engineering bachelor’s degrees in computer and electrical related disciplines, 2013–2017

Figure 2. Engineering Bachelor enrollment in Computer and Electrical related disciplines, 2013–2017

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