Easy to Implement STEM - Engineering Program

Check out this novel STEM program for middle school youth.  Each activity highlights a different STEM concept and career so kids are exposed to the broad scope and inclusivity of STEM.  The Engineering Design Process is the scaffolding for each guided design activity and kids gain a deeper understanding of the process and its constructs.  Kids are armed with the design challenge, specifications/constraints and the design criteria before they start designing, building and evaluating their solutions.  Each of the 22 activities take about 75 min. are highly engaging and include:
WuGGs to the Rescue!  Design a shoe (a WuGG) with limited materials and try walking in a variety of conditions – wet, uphill, downhill, fast and slow.
Prosthetic Challenge: Gain a deeper understanding of prosthetic devices and empathy for users.  Design, create and use a prosthetic leg made with every day materials.
Lemonade Taste-off: Create your own lemonade by learning about flavor and making it from scratch with fresh lemon zest & juice, sugar and water. Let judges decide their preference in a taste-off.
The activities are collaborative and social, focusing on fun and hands-on.  If your club has computers or tablets, this program can be up and running in as short as a week. Facilitator training is done virtually (online) and kids combine virtual and hands-on investigation.  This blended format for learning drives engagement and has been proven that youth make sound academic connections, more so than in either modality by itself.  Supplies are readily available and can be viewed/ordered online or purchased locally.  To learn more contact Ellen.Furuya@Hofstra.edu. To check out a sample activity or to subscribe please visit https://STEMgineeringAcademy.org/

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