2009 Florida Energy Systems Consortium Summit

The 2009 Florida Energy Systems Consortium Summit was an effective vehicle in showcasing some of FESC’s ongoing energy programs and policy opportunities on the state and national level. The summit was held Sep. 29-30 at the University of South Florida’s Marshall Center,and served as a venue for industry experts to share energy-related research findings, and facilitate future collaboration. The summit was also a follow-up to ongoing regional energy conversations aimed at identifying emerging regional workforce needs for technicians and programs at community colleges.

At the summit, Executive Director of FLATE, Dr. Marilyn Barger highlighted FLATE’s leading role in serving as FESC’s core facility to develop community college technical education and deployment throughout Florida. She also provided an overview of FLATE’s current initiatives targeted to build workforce education components for FESC.

For more information about the summit, or learn about ongoing renewable energy initiatives in Florida contact Dr. Marilyn Barger at 813.259.6577/barger@fl-ate.org or visit http://www.floridaenergy.ufl.edu/

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  1. FLATE seems well positioned to make a major impact on energy based 2-year curriculum