From the Executive Director's Desk

It is my pleasure to introduce FLATE stakeholders to the newest member of our team. Dr. Marie Boyette comes to FLATE from the University of South Florida where she coordinated technology enhanced courses and training programs, face-to-face courses in technology enhanced classrooms, and e-learning experiences for thousands of students and over 800 courses. She is trained in and experienced with the learning strategies needed to develop curriculum and programs in both print and virtual venues, to coordinate, evaluate, and report on core competencies and learning assessments for technology enhanced educational programs.

As the engineering technology degree is implemented across the state, we are eager to move to a new level of support for the college degree programs. At this point, we are not committed to a specific e-learning strategy or look, but are very anxious to get started. This new thrust for FLATE will not replace or dilute our other activities. There will still be many “Made in Florida” student tours, NEXT advertorials, class presentations, summer robotics camps, special events and other initiatives in the wings to be announced soon.

Please enjoy the stories in this issue of our newsletter, particularly those submitted by our academic partners, applaud our 2009 FLATE award winners, watch our first FLATER “cartoon”, and laugh with FLATER as he readies himself for the end of October festivities.


  1. Welcome, I am sure you are going to enjoy working with the FLATE team!!

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