STEM Virtual Enterprise (Summer Seminar)

The STEM Virtual Enterprise is an in-class pedagogical simulation that has students assume the roles of members of a high-tech enterprise and operate that business in face-to-face teams. It delivers technical, soft and business skills as part of an entrepreneurial experience comprised of a series of active-learning modules, online tools and student events. Faculty implementers have embedded it within existing IT, BioTechnology and Electronics courses. It has also been used as a standalone offering for STEM majors. The power of STEM-VE is its organized national and international network of student businesses, motivating students to produce high-quality projects and connecting classrooms across the STEM spectrum.

This seminar will discuss Virtual Enterprise and provide time and resources for integrating the pedagogy into your STEM classroom. Limited travel stipends are available to qualified STEM faculty members.

For more information please click on the flyer, or contact Edgar E. Troudt, lecturer and director of the Center for Economic and Workforce Development at the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise at 718.368.6598/

Contributed by FLATE Focus subscriber at the CUNY Institute for Virtual Enterprise

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