Ken Fiallos Bestowed with STEM Champion Award by Hillsborough County Public Schools

Congratulations to Ken Fiallos, Founder and Executive Director of Electrathon of Tampa Bay
and past Chair of IEEE FWCS RAS chapter, who was honored as the “STEM Champion” by Hillsborough County Public Schools. The award was presented by STEM Director, Larry Plank who awarded Fiallos with the first, Lifetime STEM Champion Award. The recognition ceremony was held on November 10, in Tampa.

Fiallos who worked closely with FLATE to establish the BEST robotics program, and is also the founder of the Tampa Bay Robotics Alliance, a nonprofit outfit that supports HCPS robotics competitions. He played a leading role in developing Electrathon of Tampa Bay which now floursishes with competitors from HCPS, colelges, universities and interest groups. “Ken has supported our district through the development and management of multiple STEM competitions and events for our students, such as Electrathon, BizBots, and other robotics competitions” said Larry Plank in meeting minutes recorded by HCPS.

The STEM Champion Award recognizes an individual and/or organization that has a track record of supporting STEM Initiatives in Hillsborough County through direct participation, or providing support, financial, or otherwise for events and programs that make a difference in the lives of students by immersing them in STEM experiences otherwise not available to them.

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