FACTE: Providing effective tools for technical educators across Florida.

Florida Association for Career and Technical Educators' annual conference and trade show has been an effective tool in providing career and technical educators across Florida with resources to foster “professional leadership and partnerships that prepare individuals to participate in a world class workforce.” The 43rd Conference from Aug. 4-6 in Orlando was an extension of its commitment to these very principles!

At the conference, Dr. Eric Roe, director of FLATE, made a presentation about key program changes and resources for advanced manufacturing education at the secondary, post-secondary adult vocation, and college levels. A key component of Dr. Roe’s presentation centered on the new Automation and Production Technology framework created by FLATE, and the resources to support this curriculum model.

The APT program framework is aligned with the MSSC-CPT industry certification competencies. It was developed by responding to manufacturers input obtained via statewide focus groups conducted by Banner Center for Manufacturing, and brings the real world of automation and manufacturing based examples into the classroom.

Under this program, students can earn their MSSC CPT and then articulate 15 credit hours into the Engineering Technology (ET) A.S. college degree. The coupling of the new APT program, ET degree, and MSSC-CPT certification prepares students for jobs in advanced engineering, manufacturing, and other high-technology industries.

In addition to FLATE’s information dissemination, the conference also served as a venue for significant presentations, panel discussions, and vendor updates. Notable presentations included: Careers in Biotechnology; Updates from Florida Department of Education regarding upcoming changes that impact CTE programs at the state level (including industry certification requirements, split programs, data reporting, and technical skills attainment inventories under the Perkins IV implementation); Program assessment and quality assurance monitoring; and Pre-Apprenticeship and apprenticeship program creation, and new federal regulations.

“FACTE did an excellent job shortening the conference program without sacrificing on quality” Roe said. The conference also operated as an effective platform to enhance and strengthen CTE programs throughout Florida, and presented educators at the secondary and post-secondary levels opportunities to network with colleagues and industry professionals. For more information on FACTE and CTE programs in Florida, contact Dr. Marilyn Barger at 813.259.6578/barger@fl-ate.org or visit www.facte.org.

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