Testing MSSC Alignment

As more state and community colleges across Florida move to adopt the Engineering Technology (ET) degree program, FLATE and its college partners are working to ensure that ET core courses which align with the MSSC (Manufacturing Skill Standards Council) Certification are preparing students to earn a passing grade on the MSSC Certification test. FLATE worked to align state level ET program frameworks with MSSC standards. The next step is to identify, evaluate, and remedy any gap between the program frameworks and actual course outcomes. In order to bring together and validate alignment with MSSC Certification for ET core courses, FLATE examined course outcomes based on student ability to score a passing MSSC test grade.

In the first of a series of studies with colleges adopting the ET program, FLATE and three college partners administered the MSSC Safety Certification test to students completing the college credit course, Industrial Safety (ETI 1701/1720). The results, outlined below, are representative of a total of 53 outcomes from three participating colleges: Brevard Community College, Central Florida Community College, and State College of Florida (Manatee)

.• Data were collected for 46 males and 7 females with a demographic distribution of 13 Hispanic, 2 Black, and 38 White students who were scheduled to take the test.

• The average age for both male and female students was 33 years of age. 79% of participating students were enrolled as degree seeking students in an Engineering Technology two year degree program.

• For students scheduled to take the test, there were 40 passes, 6 did not pass, and 7 rescheduled. For those who took the test, there was an 87% pass rate.

• 76% is the MSSC cut score for this test; the average scores for the MSSC Safety Test in this sample were 80% for females, and 84% for males.
[The MSSC-Workplace Safety, Health & Job Skills National Average is listed as 58.3%.]

FLATE also began working with colleges and FLDOE partners at the Engineering Technology Forum held at Florida State College at Jacksonville last month to help ensure that Florida’s college courses aligned with MSSC standards are delivering prepared, workforce ready students. Keeping an eye on college course outcomes by examining quantitative measures based on a successful pass of the MSSC certification test is one way of supporting the national, industry-led MSSC Certification System. At the same time, this effort works to strengthen the core course outcomes of Engineering Technology courses, and helps ensure that students are prepared and ready to supply the workforce that Florida’s industries need.

For more on MSSC certification, or the Engineering Technology degree contact Dr. Marilyn Barger at barger@fl-ate.org, or visit www.madeinflorida.org/ET_Degree.

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