Kudos to Dave Gula from FLATE’s Executive Director

It is my extreme pleasure to announce that David Gula, FLATE outreach manager has been selected as the Brandon Campus Employee Excellence Award winner in the supervisory category. We are thrilled that he was selected as our campus awardee. Dave has worked tirelessly since 2005 as FLATE’s Outreach Manager. In his current role, he developed a comprehensive industry tour/field trip model that has taken over 3,000 Florida middle and high school students into manufacturing facilities in Florida. He also diligently seeks facilities and school programs that can be good partners after the tours conclude.

Dave also manages and oversees our summer robotics camps, another model outreach program. From partnering with others in a supportive role, to developing and running our own camps, FLATE has grown considerably in this area since we started in 2006. This summer we had 200 students attending weeklong camps at 4 different sites and 2 different levels. The fact that all 9 camp sessions went flawlessly with only the highest kudos from parents and kids alike – is all Dave’s doing. To enhance our own summer camps and highlight the HCC academic program in Engineering Technology, Dave has brought a number of local and regional robotics competitions to the Brandon Campus of HCC. These competitions, no matter what level (elementary, middle or high school) are intense and require a lot of logistical support before, during and after the events (including weekends and nights!). Dave supports them all by helping with logistics, set-up, judging, teardown and clean up.

What else does Dave do? Dave makes FLATE look fabulous! He develops a variety of display items, posters, and presentations. He also supports our website with information about events, companies, and develops the virtual tours posted on www.madeinflorida.org to help students and the community get an inside look at advanced manufacturing companies in Florida. As we all do, Dave does data, helping keep FLATE’s outreach documentation in tip-top shape and as impactful as possible. Dave also helps keep FLATE robot mascot, FLATER uniquely costumed and appropriately dressed for any occasion or holiday.

Please join me in congratulating Dave for this well deserved recognition!

Enjoy the rest of our October FLATE Focus with another challenging STEM puzzle, an informational article about the work FLATE has been doing with the Florida State Common Course Numbering System, and a review of the July HI-TEC conference through the eyes of the principle of a Post-secondary Adult Vocational Technical Center here in Tampa. Congratulations also to recipients of the 2010 FLATE Awards for their role in promoting excellence in education and training today's technology workforce.

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