sTEm–at-Work (Puzzle #15): Heat Exchanger Working Fluid Test

A U-Betch-Em Inc. technician is evaluating two new working fluids; UBetch-Em 205 and U-Betch-Em 210. The same mass of each fluid was tested in a test stand which was operated exactly the same way for both fluids. U-Betch-Em 205 has a heat capacity of 1200 calories/kg oC while U-Betch-Em 210 has a heat capacity of 1500 calories/kg oC. The heat capacity indicates the heat to be absorbed before 1 kg of fluid raises 1 degree centigrade.

Tests results for both working fluids are shown below. Plot (A) is the results of the test of U-Betch-Em 210. (Yes or No). Submit your answers at

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