sTEm–at-Work (Puzzle #26): Diagnostic Expectation from an Inductance Test

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I know I promised that you would get an answer for the last puzzle (Puzzle 26). I know I could tell you a sad story about my homework and my dog. However you have heard that sorry song too many times already, and I think you would rather read the following: The answer to the puzzle will show up if you answer the puzzle one more time. This way you get to think about the puzzle so that stays fresh in your mind as you check out the answer. Please feel free to use the blog space to generate some conversation about the puzzle and its use in your teaching environment."

sTEm-at-work Puzzle 26

A technician is working with a vehicle diagnostic system to determine if a subsystem in the vehicle is operating correctly. The technician uses the diagnostic system to compare the flow of charge, the current, in the subsystem’s electronic circuit to the energy divided by the amount of charge, the voltage, required if the subsystem is operating correctly.

The subsystem under test has a current voltage behavior that is characteristic of an inductor. For this type of subsystem, the voltage needed is proportional to rate the current changes with time. The technician recorded values of current (the orange dotted curve) and voltage (the blue solid curve) verses time for the subsystem circuit being tested and examined the graphs of that data for an expected pattern.

The vehicle subsystem is operating correctly. (yes or no). Check your answer for Puzzle 26 at

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