sTEm–at-Work Puzzle 29: Voltage Response of Photovoltanic panels systems

    A technician’s assignment is to determine the efficiency of photovoltaic panel systems manufactured at the “we-make-em” alternative energy manufacturing facility.  The data collected from these pilot plant studies are arranged as ordered pairs.  One of these two values is the voltage measured from the photovoltaic panel while the other data point is the value of the temperature of the panel.  The technician knows that the voltage values from each of the two photovoltaic panels involved in this pilot plant study is linearly dependent on the temperature.  The technician determined the model equations for these two different photovoltaic panels to be:

(a)  Photovoltaic Panel #1  (PP #1) model equation:  (volts) = -2.0 (temperature) + 2.5
(b)  Photovoltaic Panel #2 (PP #2) model equation;  (volts) = -2.0 (temperature) + 3.5

For the final report, the technician is preparing a graph of these two plots.  The current graph preparation stage of the two plots is shown below.
1) Are two plots are correctly identified?   Yes or No

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