Robots applaud the 2012 Schwartz Industry Innovation Award Winners

William C. Schwartz Industry Innovation award winners were recognized at a special luncheon on September 6, 2012 at SeaWorld’s Ports of Call in Orlando. The event, sponsored by the Orlando EDC, MACF and other organizations, was attended by more than 100 guests who had the privilege to see some of the many things that are currently “Made in Florida”.  FLATE, as the leading resource center of excellence for advanced technological education, could not miss this opportunity to support Florida Manufactures whose innovation, entrepreneurship and hi-technology are making the difference to help improve our Florida’s economy.

During this event, FLATE offered a short, but intense training to test participants’ skills in robotics with a real “hands on” exercise. Using a LEGO Mindstorms and a VEX Box robots, participants learned the logic “behind the scenes” to successfully control and maneuver a robot in different directions and even capture a prize. Participants were excited to have the opportunity to learn firsthand how educators today can use robots in classrooms to help students see the connections between advanced technologies and the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) they learn in school.  

The VEX box Robots are a sample of the “Made in Florida” Summer Robotics Camps promoted by FLATE every year for middle and high schools students. This program, which includes an introductory and advanced camp, is designed to introduce students to robotics and teach them STEM concepts used in modern manufacturing. During the camps, students learn to programming robotics and understand the science behind it in an environment of fun, team work and competitive problem solving.

For more information on LEGO Mindstorm or VEX  Box robots, contact FLATE (

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