sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #32: Performance Test for Surgical Robotic Arm

A product quality assurance technician has been assigned the responsibility of executing a performance evaluation procedure for the company’s surgical robotic arms before each is shipped to the intended customer. Before that procedure begins, the tech examines the graphic below that shows the plot of the expected voltage values while the arm goes through its prescribed standardized set of movements. After examining this expected performance plot, the technician will apply the correct voltage signal to put the arm in its reset position and then execute the test procedure and compare the voltage signal pattern that the computer records for the arm being tested to the expected voltage signal pattern provided in the reference plot shown below. However, upon close inspection of this particular expected performance plot, the technician believes there is a mistake in the plot and submits a change order with a recommendation of what should be altered in this graphic.

There is a flaw in this expected performance graphic and the change order is required. Yes or NO.

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