sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #34: Valve Selection for OJ transfer

A process technician for Tropicana in Bradenton, Florida is part of a team that is renovating a major transfer line from the juice processing plant to the packaging facility. The task at hand is to install a value with its computer controlled actuator. The technician knows that the value to be installed must have minimal impact on the juice flow when it is just starting to open to avoid unwanted plugging of the nozzles delivering juice to their containers. The Technician also knows that this project only involves two choices for valves; the “U-Betch-Em –V222 and the “U-Betch-Em” V333. The Tech examines the intrinsic valve characteristics plots provided by “U-Becth-Em” and immediately knows which valve is the correct valve for this application.

The technician installed the “U-Becth-Em V222. YES or NO.

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