Florida Manufacturer & FLATE Awardee Wins National Industry Recognition Award

Now for a toast to a Florida Manufacturer who has made significant contributions to the manufacturing community in Florida. Michael Ennis, a manufacturing engineer at Harris Corporation will receive the 2103 HI-TEC Industry Recognition Award. The HI-TEC Industry Recognition Award will be presented July 23, 2013 at the High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC) in Austin, TX. The Award recognizes key industry personnel for outstanding contributions to promote technology education and career awareness. Nominees for the award must have demonstrated impact on technology education on both a local and national level.

The honor is most befitting Ennis as he has gone far beyond his call of duty to advance technician education
and training. Ennis is an adjunct professor who teaches applied mechanics in the Harris-BCC Applied Associate of Science degree in Engineering Technology (ET) at Eastern Florida State College (EFSC), formerly known as Brevard Community College, and was instrumental in setting up BCC classes for Harris employees.When Michael heard about Harris' aerospace division working with EFSC's aerospace program, he decided the operations department should do the same, He initiated contact with Meer Almeer, associate professor of the ET program at EFSC, and got the ball rolling on the initiative. "His patience, help and guidance were invaluable" Almeer said.

As a result of Ennis’ input, the ET degree is the model program for the “Florida Pl a pivotal role in developing the Harris Cohort program at BCC." Harris Corporation pays full tuition, books, and fees for participating students, something that Ennis continues to strive for amid pending budget cuts. Ennis has guided Harris operational personnel through every BCC stage, from admittance to graduation. To date, 160 degrees and certificates have been awarded to Harris employees.

In addition to his crucial role in setting up the program for Harris employees, Ennis is also a member of
Florida Advanced Technological Education Center of Excellence (FLATE) for manufacturing's Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC). As a member of the IAC, Ennis has helped FLATE expand connections between technical programs in the state's college as well as update and unify the degree curriculum. Michael's "industry needs" perspective, his focus on industry credentials, and his drive to get his message across to others are among the reasons that today there is single FL DOE statewide articulated A.S.E.T program embedded in 14 of the 25 state and community colleges offering A.S. degrees.

Ennis serves on the EFSC ET advisory committee and the FLATE National Visiting Committee. He has participated in the national ATE PI meeting in workshops and panels, and has testified his support of the MSSC credential’s value to Florida’s industry. His broad experience was essential to establishing these ET career pathways starting in high schools and connecting to four-year ET degrees. Ennis has also served as a mentor in FLATE’s Iberian Partnership for Technician Excellence —a FLATE-led initiative to support high quality, international educational experience to Florida’s community college students and educators.

As a result of his relentless contributions, Ennis received the 2009 FLATE Industry Distinguished Award. The Award recognizes key industry personnel for outstanding contributions to the outreach, education, and training of today’s advanced manufacturing workforce. For more information on the HI-TEC Industry Recognition Award visit www.highimpact-tec.org. For information on FLATE Awards, or to submit a nomination for the 2013 FLATE awards contact Dr. Marilyn Barger, executive director of FLATE at barger@fl-ate.org, and visit www.fl-ate.org.

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