FLATE's Communications Line

FLATE has a dedicated group of professionals who make everyday tasks as well as complex projects appear seamless to the outside world. Janice Mukhia, FLATE's communication specialist started her 7th year with FLATE late last month. Janice accepted a half time position in September 2006 with the charge to develop a quarterly newsletter for FLATE.  Two years later, armed with her bachelors degree in communications, she joined the FLATE team in a full time position and was charged to migrate our FLATE Focus from a quarterly paper based version to a monthly on-line blog format. For the last 3 years, the award winning FLATE Focus has set the mark of excellence for newsletters of its kind. 

Although the newsletter is a joint effort of the whole FLATE team, Janice does most of the writing, interviewing, layout, distribution and data capturing. When not working on the newsletter, Janice is busy pitching press releases to local/statewide press, sending news alerts to FLATE’s stakeholders, and working on articles for other regional and national publications. She works closely not only with the FLATE staff, leadership team and stakeholders, but also with the media and external affairs team at Hillsborough Community College and consortium of our partner colleges.

Thank you Janice for taking new challenges in stride, leading us in the world of social media, and keeping us always on deadline so our message is regularly distributed to FLATE's stakeholders. Thanks for your constant smile, always being willing to help, and making all of us at FLATE "look good".

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