Energy Education Forum Provides a Platform for Educators to Share ideas and expertise

The 3rd Annual Florida Colleges Energy Education Forum was hosted by Palm Beach State College’s Institute for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (IEES) on January 31. Forty participants from the energy education and industry realms were treated to exciting presentations covering a range of energy-related topics. This is the third workshop offered by FLATE-FESC to bring educators and industry people from all over Florida together to learn and share ideas and knowledge about energy education and energy industry workforce needs.

The morning session included presentations about electric vehicles, algal biofuel and marine renewable
energy, as well as a Florida Department of Education update from Kathryn Frederick Wheeler, supervisor of Energy and Architecture and Construction Career Clusters. Florida Power and Light Company brought a selection of electric cars/truck for participants to explore up-close, during the lunch hour. The afternoon session included a panel discussion on turbines and advanced fuels followed by a power analytics professional development activity held in IEES’, state-of-the art power analytics lab.

Thanks to Palm Beach State College’s media technology and instructional services, the meeting was also broadcast live via the Internet, so that folks that wanted to attend, but couldn’t travel could participate “remotely”. Feedback received was overwhelmingly positive. Comments received from workshop attendees included: “innovative and current ideas to encourage students” and “general interaction was great” among others. Majority of respondents said that they had planned to modify or try new pedagogical methods as well as updating /adding new technology topics to their current curriculum. Ninety-two percent of respondents reported that they got new ideas on energy that will be valuable to their students and/or colleagues, local industry and communities. A fourth workshop is planned for January 201

For more information on the Forum and to download presentations visit to download forum presentations. For information on FLATE-FESC partnership and/or future workshops contact Nina Stokes, project manager at

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