International Internship Program Updates

The International Technician Training for students is a FLATE-led initiative to support high quality,
international educational experience for Florida’s community college students and educators. This National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of International Science and Engineering (OISE)-supported project, is one of eight pilot projects awarded to NSF Advanced Technological Education (ATE) Centers, and seeks to create an outstanding educational experience for educators and students enrolled in the FLATE-created two year, statewide A.S. degree in engineering technology. As part of the Iberian Partnership for technician excellence the objective of the internship program is to establish a strategic cooperation between FLATE and HETEL-Global Training Networks, in the Basque region of Spain, to support high quality international educational experience in engineering technology and manufacturing in Florida.  

This six-month Iberian program is fully financed by the Basque government and has the potential to be extended to 12 months. It offers Basque vocational educational training graduates work placement internships in Florida. Expenses and compensation cover salary, travel expenses, accommodation, as well as health insurance. Participants who take part in the program will work in a Florida manufacturing company for six months. All participants’ expenses will be paid by the Basque Department of Industry.

Currently, there are five, Florida-based companies and three candidates who will be offering and/or starting their internship in 2014. As part of this process, host companies completed forms for the “Global Training” internships in April 2014. Prior to their assignment, candidates were interviewed and were closely evaluated by FLATE to match their skillset and training needs with those offered by each host company. After careful review and evaluation, Igor Balza will be interning at Southern Manufacturing Technologies, Mario Fernandez at SHAW Industries, and Olga Carrero at HeatPipe/MiTech in Tampa. All candidates are expected to complete their paperwork by October 2014, and are expected to start their global internships program in November 2014. Stay tuned to track their progress and see what they learn during their internship.
For more information about the international global internship program, or to serve as a host company for future interns visit the FLATE website, or contact Danielly Orozco, FLATE’s curriculum coordinator at 813.259.6575, or

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