2015 Manufacturing Day Planning Webinar. Join the Movement!

FLATE-the Florida-based, National Science Foundation Regional Center of Excellence in Manufacturing, is
 taking the lead in organizing 2015 Manufacturing Day events. Given the Center’s successful launch of Manufacturing Day strategy for the state of Florida for the past two years, FLATE is sponsoring a webinar for regionally coordinated Manufacturing Day events for 2015. The hour-long webinar hosted by MATEC (Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center) is geared to share not only FLATE’s experiences, lessons learned and how-to’s, but also to showcase other collaborative efforts around the country including the ‘Tour of Manufacturing in Minnesota,’ which represents another statewide Manufacturing Day effort led by the 360 Center of Excellence in Bemidji, MN.

Registration & Call-In Info

Statewide industry hosts, school districts, regional manufacturers associations, or anyone interested in hosting, participating, or learning about Manufacturing Day and/or statewide efforts are  invited to join FLATE’s general planning session webinar on April 17 from noon to 1 p.m. EST by registering online at:  http://www.matecnetworks.org/webreg/index.php?client=1011.

The goal of the 2105 Manufacturing Day Planning Webinar is to promote participation by explaining the processes of building collaborations and effective partnerships. During the webinar, FLATE and its guests will share best practices for establishing industry-school partnerships, share ideas for seeking support form government agencies to provide increased attention to manufacturers in respective communities, and resources for providing impactful outreach to students. Webinar attendees will also get in-depth perspectives from national Manufacturing Day organizers, leaders and supporters.

FLATE’s ongoing efforts are focused on leveraging the promotion of the national organization and its efforts, and amplify its work nationwide using best practices implemented in Florida, and create a common platform to encourage increased participation in Manufacturing Day 2015. Highlights of discussions will include:
  • An overview of the 2014 Florida and Minnesota processes for national manufacturing day
  • Sharing common experiences and best practices from industry hosts and participants from previous manufacturing day
  • Provide resources that are available for anyone interested in manufacturing day tours.
  • Chart a timeline for 2015 Manufacturing Day events
Manufacturing Day 2015 is targeted to help build in-roads between manufacturers, RMAs, educators and students, and establish a multi-pronged strategy to change perceptions about manufacturing on a
national level, stir interest and engagement in high-tech manufacturing education/careers. Through cohesive partnerships with industry, educators, regional manufacturers associations and the community at large, FLATE hopes to drive a spike in the number of “Made in Florida” industry tours for students and once again position Florida as the national leader in hosting manufacturing day events and industry tours.  FLATE also hopes to inspire others to ’Join the Movement,’ and engage manufacturing stakeholders across the country to celebrate Manufacturing Day.

To register visit http://www.matecnetworks.org/webreg/index.php?client=1011. For more information on regionally coordinated Manufacturing Day 2015, visit the Made In Florida page at www.madeinflorida.org/manufacgturing-day where FLATE will post information as it unfolds on MFG Day 2015. You can also email Dr. Marilyn Barger, executive director of FLATE at barger@fl-ate.org and Desh Bagley, FLATE outreach manager at bagley@fl-ate.org. 

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