Robot Makers: An Essential Guide to Choosing a Career in Robotics

Most of you know that here at FLATE we are quite into robots as great tools for teaching STEM subjects in
elementary and secondary schools. Robots engage students in many hands-on activities, plus the challenge of designing bots to do specific tasks or challenges. Not only do robots provide educators with great tools to illustrate fundamental STEM concepts in real-world applications, they also provide a platform for students to develop their creative thinking, practice methodical troubleshooting, and work in teams. With early exposure, many students get “hooked” on robots. So, what is next? How can they continue to work with robots in their adult lives? 

Celeste Baine’s newest book “Robot Makers: an essential Guide to Choosing a Career in Robotics” is hot off the press and ready for early summer reading. The book, aimed at a youth audience, offers a comprehensive overview of the many different kinds of robots and good definitions of what a robot is. Robot applications occur in all aspects of our society, and there are a variety of approaches to finding the right career in robotics no matter what discipline someone starts from. The book closes with some practical ways to “get started” with robots. The appendix includes a glossary of robotic terms, robots, events and competitions as well as a reading list that can keep the robot thirst quenched all summer long. 

Celeste Baine has written over 20 books on engineering careers for young people and has been recognized as a national advocate for engineering careers. You can find “Robot Makers” on the Engineering Education Service Center website ( along with her other books, K12 engineering teacher resources, posters, etc. Thanks Celeste for providing a great book for us to share at FLATE’s six robotics and engineering camps this summer.

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