Manufacturers & Educators Join Forces to host MFG Day/Month Events across Florida

In the previous article, we highlighted information about Made in Florida industry tours and
miscellaneous statewide industry tours for Manufacturing Day/Month organized by FLATE and its statewide partners. In addition to the MFG Day/Month industry tours in the greater Tampa bay region, there were several events for students and local community at large that took place here in the greater Tampa Bay region and throughout Florida.

Outlined below is a snapshot of statewide events for manufacturing day/month that happened across the state.

Manufacturing Day/Month has concluded with resounding success. We would love to hear your stories/events that happened in your community for Manufacturing Day/Month. Do send us your thoughts and comments via email (, or sound off across any of our social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). For information on manufacturing day/month tours and events visit the Made in Florida page at, or contact Dr. Marilyn Barger, executive director of FLATE at

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