FLATE’s Display Cabinet Showcases Products that are Made in Florida

FLATE has a fabulous cabinet that showcases products that are made right here in Florida. The “Made in Florida” display cabinet provides a visual array of products that are invaluable in bringing manufacturing to life in the eyes of students and anyone stopping by Hillsborough Community College’s Brandon campus. The Florida Manufacturers Display represent items donated by Florida manufacturers and are either final products, or those used in the production process or in some cases raw materials of products. 

Several pieces are displayed in production stages so students can follow the manufacturing
process from a piece of stock titanium to the final polished facial replacement part. Some of the items currently on display include: Swisher Sweets that are manufactured in Jackonville; soda containers made by Ball Packaging Corporation, Orange juice that is sold to millions of customers across the country, but manufactured by Tropicana in Bradenton, and many other products that are made by high-tech manufacturers across the sunshine state. These products not only serve as a visual display to students and visitors to the Campus, but is a great way to engage and strike a connection for students to companies and products that are made locally. These products are also used during the “Made in Florida” classroom presentations, during the ET experience tours, and by students enrolled in HCC’s engineering technology program.

To donate a product for FLATE’s Made in Florida display cabinet call us at 813.259.6577. To
arrange a tour for your students to HCC’s engineering technology lab, or to participate in a Made in Florida industry tour of local high-tech manufacturing facilities visit www.madeinflorida.org, or contact Nina Stokes, FLATE project manager at stokes@fl-ate.org, and Executive Director of FLATE, Dr. Marilyn Barger at barger@fl-ate.org.

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