Answer to sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #52: Process Pressure Disturbance

The concepts associated with process control are important for technicians that work with high tech processes.  When equipment is replaced or repaired it has to be "tuned" to respond to unexpected variations (disturbances) that change the operating conditions.  For technicians this also means adjusting the control system to accommodate replaced or repaired equipment.  Although the "tuning" process is usually a set of simple operations, the skills involved in recognizing that the new settings are correct require a STEM  knowledge base.  A primary principle is the expectation that the equipment will return the process variable (temperature for example) to the value it had before the disturbance occurred.  Fortunately, today's technicians will be able to see the results of their efforts on a laptop or other small display.  For this puzzle the only task was to select which of the 3 possible setting options would accomplish that task.  Clearly, the tech would not pick option 3.  Next month's puzzle will explore this situation further and the lessons that students can learn about evaluating this data. 

The technician selected the setting that provided the graphic
 response shown as graph number 3. YES or NO

Answer: NO                    

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