FLATE PI Receives Frank Reidy Award for Outstanding Achievements in Bioelectrics

A BIG Kudos & Congratulations to Richard Gilbert, FLATE Principal Investigator, who recently received the Frank Reidy Award 
for Outstanding Achievements in Bioelectrics. The Award was presented to Dr. Gilbert at the 2016 Bioelectrics International Conference held in Rostock Germany in September. Bioelectrics is a STEM supported discipline that develops the use of short duration, micro-to-nano second, electric fields for human and agriculture applications. Dr. Gilbert's award was in recognition of his work in developing cancer treatment protocols that have recently completed FDA approved Phase II Clinical Trials.

Dr. Gilbert, who is a professor at the University of South Florida for over 36 years, teaches chemical and biomedical engineering. His research areas include: Material Science, Biomedical Systems, Electrochemotherapy, Electrogenetherapy, Instrumentation, Engineering Education, Drug Delivery. He is also the “Mind” behind the sTEm-at-Work puzzles that has quite a following in the FLATE Focus. To get in touch with Dr. Gilbert email him at gilbert@fl-ate.org

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