Answer to sTEm-at-Work Puzzle #57: Special North Pole Edition

Analysis: Rudolf was playing pawball and bumped his nose. The elf biomedical tech made an LED based red nose glove and installed a red LED based on the information in the graph. Since the wave number is described in cycles per unit distance or (radians per unit distance.), the number of waves that exist in a specified distance means a high wave number value. This implies a lot of waves in that reference distance. For the same wave this also means a high number of wave cycles per unit time. Thus, wave number is directly proportional to frequency and LED-5-b-NP is the lowest frequency red light available. Unfortunately, recalling last year’s Rudolf dilemma, in order to meet the new FAA minimal glow reindeer drone specification, the other LED in the red frequency band, LED 5-z-NP, is the proper selection.

Question: From the 4 possibilities shown in the graph, which LED did the Tech select for Rudolf’s nose glove?

Answer: LED-5-z-NP    


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