Final Florida Manufacturing Day 2016 Statistics

Due to inclement weather, some Florida Manufacturing Day (MFG Day) 2016 tours originally scheduled for October were postponed until January 2017. Now that Florida MFG Day/Month 2016 has concluded, fresh data tabulations from additional surveys received by FLATE in January and February reveal a surge in the numbers compared to those reported in December 2016. The numbers are exciting and show much growth from Florida MFG Day/Month 2015.  

Some key points in 2016: 
  • Student participation rose from 3,787 students in December to 4,846 students in February, once final surveys were compiled. 
  • Industry tours increased from 161 to 195 tours. 
  • Parent and teacher surveys rose from 62 to 68 surveys.
  • Of the industry tour hosts that responded to FLATE’s surveys, 100% stated the tour was a good use of company time and resources.

A special thank you to all of our Florida MFG Day partners from around the state. MFG Day is a huge effort, and such a successful MFG Day would not have been possible without your contributions of great student tours and events. These tours and events showcased some fabulous Florida industries and manufacturing careers to the next generation workforce.

For more information on FLATE's statewide strategy for Manufacturing Day/ Month, please visit, or contact Dr. Marilyn Barger, Executive Director of FLATE, at

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