sTEm–at-Work Puzzle #62: Grinch's Plan to Foil Santa's Trip Fails

Well, as you would expect, Rudolph comes to the rescue again!! 

You may not have read the lead story in the North Pole, Alaska Gazette last week but a court

has dismissed the Grinch's law suit. Yep the dude that wants to steal Christmas has been foiled again!!!! It seems that this time he wanted Santa's sled journey not to happen this year because he alleged that on last year's very first stop in Denver Colorado some Brownie Brittle snacks (destined of a stocking hung by the chimney with care) were not packaged at the North Pole nor even put in Santa's big red bag.

Luckily, Santa uses Rudolph's nose as a flashlight when he takes the stocking stuffers out of his bag. Last year, because of FAA requirements, Rudolph also had to wear a body camera. Santa's legal beagles (I don't know why the elves didn't do this) submitted the graph with the Rudolph taken attached photo shown below in Santa's defense. It was also fortunate that there were a couple members of the jury that live in Tampa and eat Florida packaged Brownie Brittle snacks on a regular basis. 

This evidence is more than enough to prove Santa’s innocence. Yes or NO. Submit your answers below the blogpost, or at

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