Welcome back Liz and Natasha!

In the month of October we had two new Project Specialists join our team! Please welcome our new FLATERS! We are very thrilled to have them back and so are they! Elizabeth Duran will be working on data analysis from event surveys and also with our  FLATE graphics. Natasha Crissien will be focused in coordinating the ATE Community Joint Displays in addition to all FLATE events and our FLATE Focus monthly newsletter. They both will be the face for FLATE in some of our conferences and exhibits we attend. Elizabeth and Natasha have both worked for FLATE in the past and after a brief hiatus they have returned with newly acquired skills and are ready to put into good use. Here’s what they have to say! 

Hello, my name is Elizabeth Duran.  I work on analyzing data for FLATE using different resources that are available to me, and also work on their graphics. I have been working with FLATE for approximately three years now. I began my FLATE journey back in 2015 as a Student Assistant affiliated with HCC and slowly progressed further into my career and am now very happy with my new Project Specialist role. I graduated with my Associates degree in Computer Science from Hillsborough Community College and am looking forward on pursuing my Bachelor’s degree from the University of South Florida. I’m excited for whats to come and for being able to play and active role in the STEM movement.

Hello everyone! My name is Natasha Crissien, I previously worked for FLATE as the Project Assistant and coordinated the ATE Community joint displays from start to finish while dabbling in different projects. The projects I worked on included the Project Highlights, updating the FLATE website, and tinkering with the graphics on our Wiki page. Back then, I was pursuing an Associate’s degree in Business Administration and Management at Hillsborough Community College and, after a short break, I am now continuing my education by working to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a focus on clinical and counseling at St. Leo University. My life has changed drastically since the last time I was employed with FLATE. I now have a toddler that looks up to me and it is very fulfilling to not only further my education for myself but also set an example for him and provide for my family. I do not have any other relatives that reside in FL so I welcome new friendships with open arms and really enjoy having a work family. With that being said I'm very happy to be back at FLATE seeing a few friendly faces and meeting my new colleagues.

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