Engineering Technology Leadership Institute (ETLI)

The Engineering Technology Leaders Institute (ETLI) has been held annually for 44 years in the greater Washington DC area every fall. Its purpose is to bring engineering technology educators, industry leaders, and government officials together to discuss topics of importance for future engineers. FLATE encourages Florida Engineering Technology educators to attend this important meeting when possible.  This year's theme examines the “Engineering Technology: Connecting, Building & Maintaining Relationships,” and will be held in Alexandria, VA Oct 10-11.

The conference focuses on many issues of interest to all engineering technology disciplines and the increasing number of interdisciplinary efforts. These include ABET accreditations processes; public policy issues that affect engineering technology education and its graduates; National Science Foundation (NSF) initiatives and programs and more.  ETLI also is a great place to connect with ET professionals from across the country, policymakers in Washington D.C., leaders within ASEE and ET professionals from national and international organizations.

ETLI is sponsored and produced by the ASEE (American Society of Engineering Education) Engineering Technology Council and its Executive Board.

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