Dr. Marilyn Barger Receives Certificate of Achievement in Recognition of 20 Years of Dedicated Service to Manufacturing Education!

Dr. Marilyn Barger, principal investigator and executive director of FLATE, the National Science Foundation Center of Excellence in manufacturing, supporting high-tech manufacturing and manufacturing-related careers and technical education in Florida, received top honor certificate of achievement in recognition of 20 Years of dedicated service to Hillsborough Community College (HCC) and to Manufacturing Education in Florida. Dr. Barger received the recognition on October 10th in a ceremony held at HCC, Brandon Campus.
Dr. Barger has been at the helm of many successes. Under her leadership, FLATE was awarded the ePIE Business/Education Partnership Award, Education Chancellor and FACC Workforce Award for innovative education programs, and three Best Practice Awards for the Engineering Technology Degree program, sTEm-at-Work puzzles, and the Toothpick Factory. She has served as the Chair of the NSF ATE Centers, HI-TECH Committee, and awarded the 2010 HI-TECH Innovative Program Award.
CONGRATULATIONS and Thank you to Dr. Marilyn Barger for your 20+ yrs of dedication and constant mentoring to all the STEM-manufacturing education community. FLATE has been and will be the center of EXCELLENCE in Florida and a model to follow in the Nation thanks to your passion and devotion.

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