Take Advantage of All the Professional Development Possibilities in 2020!

As one year concludes, it is time to look forward to the New Year. For many, that means looking for New Year's resolution ideas and setting new goals. As part of this New Year, FLATE has a list of good suggestions to help you achieve your resolutions.

2019 FLATE-FACTE Robotics & 3D Printing Workshop
First, focus on embracing the activities that will bring you closer to the goal(s). By committing to these activities, you are also creating a behavior/process, which later will turn in a habit that will pay off regardless of the specific goal achieved. Achievement is the by-product of a process, not just the attainment of a goal.
Second, the success of a resolution can be related to the discipline of performance. By setting a daily achievement, you are creating a habit.
Results come from the process and discipline of doing, rather than that of planning and waiting.

Continued professional development and learning are important not only to you as an individual and professional, but also to your organization. The ability to gather more information and different perspectives, and then apply these to your overall business strategy can help you stay up to date on any change or new development within your industry.

In the field of K-12 educational technology, school district guidelines and curriculum standards are constantly changing, making it challenging educators to keep up with trends and best practices in the field. Continuous professional development has benefits for both educators and students, but most importantly, it helps educators become better by enabling them to create relevant and tailored course instructions for today's students and technology. For this reason, it is crucial to have the readiness to learn new skills and adapt to new changes at all times. Whether it be a new technological advancement or adjusting to new leadership, the ability to adapt to new conditions is imperative.

Continuing Education for Career and Technical (CTE) Educators.
FLATE together with the Florida Association for Career and Technical Education (FACTE) have joined efforts to provide a better understanding of career and technical education and encourage technical and professional growth among all educators in the state of Florida.

Introduction to Industry 4.0, is one of several online courses, offered by FLATE in partnership with FACTE, designed to enhance CTE educator’s curriculum, classroom management, and technologies. This course will include the importance of Industry 4.0, which represents the 4th wave of society based on modern automation, Information and Computer Technologies (ICT) and new manufacturing technologies. In addition to the translation of 21st Century careers and the need for transferable skills.  The course will have independent and collaborative sharing requirements.  Click here to register for session 1: March 31-April 21st, from 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm.

FACTE Spring 2020 online Course Catalog, FACTE's variety of online courses are entirely online, usually lasting 4-6 weeks, and require attendance at a live session once a week. Course in-service points vary from 12 to 60 in-service points per course. Not only do the courses provide training for their given topic, they can also help instructors become more familiar with online-course formats and capabilities. Click here to register for classes. For more information about spring 2020 online courses offered by FACTE visit FACTE.org/Trainings.

No matter what field you are in, there are hundreds of new skills you can learn that could benefit your career. Is there one you have been meaning to learn? Set it as one of your work resolutions for the year and get it done.

Take Advantage of the 2020 continued professional development possibilities that FLATE & Partners have to offer.

For more information on FLATE’s 2020 professional development click here or visit Flate.pbworks.com/ProfessionalDevelopment. You can also contact Dr. Marilyn Barger, Executive Director of FLATE at barger@fl-ate.org.

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