Manufacturing Day in February

Celebrate manufacturing in February by introducing your students to the industry through one of FLATE’s lesson plans! FLATE’s lesson plans are organized by grade level and can be coordinated around manufacturing industry tours, the “What is Manufacturing” presentation, the “Made in Florida” and the “Women in Manufacturing” videos. Some of the lesson plans FLATE recommends for teachers is the Scavenger Hunt” and “Comprehension Instructional Sequence Model (CIS) Lesson Plans”.

“What is Manufacturing” presentation provides an overall explanation of what is manufacturing while introducing students to FLATE, career opportunities, and the ever-advancing world of technology in the industry. After this presentation, FLATE recommends teachers to use one or both of the following lesson plans: “Scavenger Hunt” or “CIS Lesson Plans”.

“Scavenger Hunt” is a research activity where students are tasked with searching for resources related to STEM fields and learning about manufacturing companies in Florida! After completing the lesson, students should be able to pinpoint items made in Florida, identify careers in manufacturing, gain knowledge on career pathways, and describe how some objects are made!

“CIS Lesson Plans” is a series of eight lesson plans that take approximately 4 days each to complete!
The lessons let the students dive into the different processes and aspects of manufacturing through interactive activities, reading articles, watching videos, and having the students write reflections on what they have learned. The current subjects available to review are as follows: Assembly, Automation, Electronics Assembly, Materials Selection, Product Design, Quality Measures: Metrology, Subtractive Machining, and Fabrication: Welding.

After completing either the Scavenger Hunt or the CIS Lesson Plans, watch FLATE’s Made in Florida or Women in Manufacturing video! The Made in Florida video showcases some of the many manufacturing companies in Florida and is organized by the region the companies are located at. Meanwhile, the Women in Manufacturing video offers a new perspective on girls in manufacturing careers to help inspire the next generation of girls in STEM by interviewing various women in their fields of expertise! Both videos include an activity sheet for students that helps them to track interesting facts and a manufacturing perceptions survey that teachers can use to access what the students know and what they have learned after the lessons.

Enhance your student’s experience in their lessons by sharing FLATE Manufacturing Day and Month 2020 graphics and reports. The graphics can assist in grabbing student’s attention while learning more about the impact of manufacturing day! In addition, this year FLATE decided to make Florida’s very own unique logo which will also be used on this year’s t-shirt design. View some of the amazing statistics from last year or download some of our free resources by visiting the FLATE PB-Wiki Industry Resources Page!

For more information about FLATE, please visit or contact Marilyn Barger, Executive Director of FLATE, at

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