Get to Know the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals

The Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP) is a nonprofit professional society established in 1992. It was formed by practitioners to develop and promote excellence in maintenance, reliability and physical asset management. This society has over 8,000 members worldwide and 175 members here in Florida.

SMRP has a Government Relations Committee. At the federal level, the committee promotes workforce development, workplace safety and cyber-security in manufacturing and other sectors. They have been partnering with the National Skills Coalition and Business Leaders United to lobby for Perkins Grants.

The Government Relations Committee has recently updated its strategic plan. A new initiative involves outreach through SMRPs state and regional chapter network. The objectives include raising awareness of SMRP and developing relationships with Career and Technical Education and engineering program administrators, instructors and students.

SMRP should be on your radar because they offer:

Scholarships between $2,000 and $10,000 for those studying Career and Technical Education (CTE) and engineering subjects related to maintenance, reliability and physical asset management.

Certifications for maintenance and reliability technicians and professionals that attest to a certified persons knowledge and skills in best-practices.

Expertise that can help educate employers and increase demand for courses that support maintenance, reliability and physical asset management.

Assistance to CTE and degree program managers to improve curriculum related to industrial maintenance, reliability engineering, business management and other courses.

A vast library of webinars, presentations and standardized metrics.

Excellent opportunities for regional networking.

The scholarship opportunities can be found on the SMRP website. In addition, the Florida Chapter will be looking for opportunities to raise funds for chapter level scholarships through training workshops and perhaps a conference in the near future.

SMRP provides examinations and, through the SMRP Certifying Organization, issues the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Technician (CMRT) and the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) certifications. Manufacturers can assure they are hiring people that have best-practice knowledge and skills by looking for these certifications on the resumes of job applicants. Employers can also train and support certification of current employees to demonstrate commitment to employees and to excellence.

SMRP has student memberships for $25; forward thinking CTE programs include this membership in their tuition. Members can take advantage of an extensive library of webinars  and papers developed over our 27 years as a professional society. There is also the SMRP Exchange, a member’s only social media platform where members can ask for advice and interact with others that have experience with similar situations. SMRP publishes Solutions Magazine with interesting articles by practitioners and thought leaders.

Networking is another great benefit of SMRP membership. Throughout the year there are annual conferences, symposiums and regional events and educational programs. These are excellent opportunities to develop personal relationships with maintenance, reliability and physical asset management professionals.

For more information contact Tom Moriarty, PE, CMRP, Florida Chapter SMRP at, (321) 961-4306, , visit SMRP’s website, or SMRP’s YouTube Channel for some informative videos.

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