Advancing Florida’s Career and Technical Education through Entrepreneurship Education and Training

Economic growth is driven by the creative applications of new technologies and entrepreneurs that are constantly bringing new products and services to market. Communities with effective and accessible resources of learning yield educated populations, which in turn create innovative products and further economic growth. Business equity is the second largest source of wealth behind home equity, and for special populations, self-employment, and the ability to effectively create value contributes to Florida’s greater economic security.

According to the Kauffman Indicators of Entrepreneurship, which tracks and reports entrepreneurial trends in the U.S., Florida ranks second among all states on the Early-Stage Entrepreneurship Index. In 2019, Kauffman reported that more than 88 percent of all new entrepreneurs in the state created a business by choice rather than necessity, and first-year startups created an average of 6.37 new jobs.

It is vital that Florida students graduate as critical thinkers, value creators and excellent communicators,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “Entrepreneurship education and training ensures for a well-rounded graduate, and this is another step toward our goal to make Florida the best state in the nation for workforce education by 2030.”

“Being an entrepreneur, or an intrapreneur – an employee who can add value from within – is a viable path to improving Florida’s economic and social mobility rates. CTE does not just prepare students to take jobs, but to create the jobs of the future,” said Commissioner Corcoran. “The idea is that we do not want to just technically train, but to also equip all students with the necessary employability skills.”

FLATE is committed to help execute the vision of Florida’s Strengthening Career and Technical
Education (CTE) for the 21st Century Act (Perkins V) by providing accessible resources to support the creation of a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem for the state’s CTE students.

FLATE has compiled a list of resources focused on entrepreneurship curriculum, mentorship, and online tools with topics to include but not limited to basic principles of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a career, ethics in business, and the principles of marketing, financing, and managing a business.  Click here for the complete list of Entrepreneurial Education Resources. 

In addition, FLATE has prepared a list of Florida colleges offering entrepreneurship education and training (EET) and related programs.  The Florida Department of Education (FDOE) Entrepreneurship Education & Training (EET) program is designed to introduce students in CTE programs to the mindset required of successful entrepreneurs, while guiding and developing their entrepreneurial skills. Part of the EET program includes foundational entrepreneurial skills which will be embedded directly into Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum starting Fall 2021 to assist high school students in developing labor market-relevant employability skills and inspire them to continue their training in postsecondary programs of study. Click here for the list of Florida Department of Education(FDOE) sponsored colleges offering Entrepreneurship Education & Training (EET) and related programs.

For more information click here or contact Elizabeth Winger, State Supervisor for Business Management & Administration Education at 850-245-9003.

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